The Support Report

Support can be a gesture of any size that contains the potential for far-reaching, limitless, and ever-compounding possibilities in the recipient.

The Support Report is an interactive, visual essay on kindness, generosity, and how support unlocks unique possibilities in people and the world created by Bijan Berahimi, Scott Boms, and Drew Bennett. The paperback book, associated prints, and physical installations in Menlo Park, Seattle, London and Dublin were produced by the Analog Research Lab as part of the Designer in Residence program in 2016.

The Support Report pages
The Support Report pages
The Support Report pages
With the Right Group of People print
Connect the Dots print
Support Report installation in Facebook building 20 in Menlo Park
Installation of messages collected from employees in Facebook building 20.
The Support Report Stairs Installation in Facebook Seattle
People Supporting People Supports People installation in Seattle.

The Support Report was produced as an edition of 3000 books including original written content from across Facebook. The project was also transformed into physical installations in stairwells and on walls in Menlo Park, London, Dublin, Seattle, and New York.