The Estate of Marshall McLuhan

2011 marked the centenary of the birth of media theorist Marshall McLuhan. In 2010, the McLuhan Estate worked with the studio of famed designer Milton Glaser to create a mark which would become the anchor for planned activities around the centennial and as an identifier for new editions of some of McLuhan's most important books.

McLuhan Estate logo mark
McLuhan Logo usage guide detail
Detail from the Estate logo usage guide.
McLuhan Estate Cards
McLuhan Estate Double-M logo pattern
Example concepts for McLuhan Estate website
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man eBooks
The first official digital editions of McLuhan's most important book, Understanding Media.
Illustration made as an unofficial part of Know Canada campaign
Unofficial addition to the Know Canada campaign.

I worked with the McLuhan Estate in taking a new logo mark designed by Milton Glaser's studio and handling optimizations for on-screen use, refining and developing usage guidelines for practical uses such as across print and online media, and developing early concepts for a redesign of the Estate's website.

During this period I also worked with the Estate's publisher of record, Gingko Press to create the first official digital edition of McLuhan's 1964 masterpiece Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man which was made available in ePub and .mobi formats.