Facebook Learning Center Mural

The inspiration for this mural painted inside the Learning Center at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA came from the ABC's of Bauhaus and the idea of object primitives being stepping stones to more complex forms, a parallel to how we often learn: start with basic concepts, make connections, and develop those into a deeper level of understanding.

Facebook Learning Center mural
Damon from New Bohemia Signs at work
Lauren from New Bohemia Signs at work
Detail from the Learning Center Mural
Paints and Materials
Custom mixed enamel paints.
Completed Learning Center Mural
The finished mural inside the Learning Center at Facebook HQ.

The system of graphic elements created was also part of a larger effort within the L&D team at the time to create a more cohesive identity for their efforts. Color was used to connect it to the existing exterior signage, but expanding it into a larger vibrant palette that could function across surfaces.

The design was further expanded and implemented in a sister location in Dublin, Ireland.