About Me

I’m a multidisciplinary creative director, printmaker, and design and technology generalist originally from Toronto, Canada.

Analog portrait at St. Frank Coffee (Facebook building 20)
Analog portrait at St. Frank Coffee (Facebook building 20) by Cris Mendoza.

Design is a job. I make things as a way of asking questions, understanding ideas, connecting with people, and exploring the world. Sometimes those things are small, other times they’re more grand. Sometimes they’re successful, other times not — yet each is step on a journey where process informs direction and growth.

As part of the Facebook Open Arts program (formerly the Analog Research Lab), my work as a creative director, designer, and printmaker has been described as “the cultural heartbeat of the company.” In all things, I value care, thoughtfulness, and craft. I believe that better wins over more and that there is such a thing as enough. Whether physical or digital artifacts or experiences, the things I make aim to influence the influencers to remind them of the people their work serves and the responsibility it carries.

My work has been presented internationally at the Hammer Museum in LA, the London Design Museum, Designmuseo, Helsinki, Design Museum Den Bosch, the Type Directors Club in New York, and has appeared in HOW, Mohawk’s Maker Quarterly, Fast Co, Wired, Offscreen, Tech Crunch, Inc, and Ad Week among other publications. I also appear in the documentary film An Impossible Project which premiered in Rotterdam in early 2020.

I’ve co-authored and produced several books — most recently Being Hear with Irish illustrator Fuchsia MacAree, available exclusively from the Design Museum in London, and am currently setting up a personal Risograph publishing imprint.

I periodically speak about design, printmaking, the value of analog process, and communications theory to educational and professional audiences worldwide.

I enjoy making friends with creative folks all over the world and have had the pleasure of creating work and for with organizations of all sizes. Some of those include:

P.S. I’m not currently accepting freelance projects but am open to talk about potential work opportunities.

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